“That which doesn´t kill us makes us stronger”

– Friedrich Nietzche

Obstacle course “Battle For Tapa“ is beginning its new tradition in 2019. This obstacle course differs from the other similar events in Estonia by being both mentally and physically tougher and bringing together military and civilian worlds. Several organisations are involved in this event including Estonian Defence Forces and Tapa municipality. The obstacle course includes many different landscapes and elements including health tracks, a rally course and military training areas. The aim of this new tradition is to bring together the civilian and military worlds and to promote healthy lifestyle in Tapa and also everywhere else in Estonia.

We promise you that “Battle For Tapa” will give you many different emotions and it will bring many physical and mental challenges!


Obstacle course “Battle For Tapa” will take place on August 10th, 2019


Männikumäe outdoor trail, Tapa, Lääne–Virumaa, Estonia


9:00 am – Obstacle course inspection and final instructions for course security staff
10:00 am – The handing out of materials and registration for children’s races

11:00 am – up to 4 y.o (incl.) ~200m
11:05 am – up to 7 y.o (incl.) ~400m
11:10 am – up to 10 y.o (incl.) ~600m
11:20 am – up to 13 y.o (incl.) ~800m

11:30 am – Safety briefing for all of the participants near the starting area

12:00 pm - individuals
12:10 pm - pairs
12:20 pm - squads/teams
If there are more participants on the red trail than expected then the schedule will change. We will inform you of those changes on our FB page and the homepage.

12:30 pm – all participants will start together

Every course’s winners will be announced as soon as as possible

The courses will be closed not later than 6.00 pm!


Green course (for novices)

Length: ~5 km

Green course is meant for people who haven’t participated in obstacle courses beforehand and can’t accurately assess their abilities yet. This course is also appropriate for minors aged 15 and over (if they have parental consent).

Green course consists of over 25 natural and man-made obstacles: walls, climbing pipes, wire barriers, hay balls, hills and ditches, carrying tires etc.

Red course (for experienced participants)

Length: ~15 km

Red course is meant for people who actively train themselves and have previously participated in similar events. Everybody who has recently finished military service is also welcome.

Red course consists of over 60 natural and man-made obstacles: walls, climbing pipes, mud trenches, ditches, hay balls, floating bridges, hills, carrying tires, water obstacles etc.

Race categories:

This event is divided into 2 categories: military ja civilian.
Both categories are allowed on the red course but only civilian category is allowed on the green course.

Civilian category

Individual class for both courses:
M and M +45
F and F +45

For the green course:
Minors 15 - 17 y.o (with parental consent)

For the red course:
Pair - 2 people, classes: M/M, M/F, F/F
Squad - 6 to 8 people, 2 classes: Only men and mixed (at least one woman in squad)

Participants in civilian category can wear regular sports clothes.

Military group

Military group participates only on the red course and there is no individual class.

Pair - 2 people, classes M/M, M/F, F/F
Squad – 6 to 8 people, 2 classes: Only men and mixed (at least one woman in squad)

Participants in military category must wear a military uniform (boots, trousers and jacket).


Entry fees:

Rounds Green course Red course
Individual Pair Squad
I round: until 22th July (incl.) 20€ 25€ 40€ 150€
II round: 23th July – 4th August (incl.) 30€ 35€ 60€ 210€
III round: 5th August – event day (incl.) 40€ 45€ 80€ 270€

Children’s races are FREE!

Payment info:

Account name: SK STEV MTÜ
IBAN: EE632200221020968668 (Swedbank)
Add payment details: participant’s name, BFT